Tendencies-based collaborative filtering algorithm

As a part of my academic research project titled Impact of Recommender System, I got to study about various collaborative filtering algorithms. I was supposed to study, implement and compare them. Tendencies-based is the best among them in terms of accuracy and computational efficiency.1 It was proposed by It was as accurate as other collaborative filtering algorithms like .. Continue Reading


Social Media Integration into CiviCRM - CiviSocial

So my proposal for Google Summer of Code 2016 was accepted and I was one of the 1206 Google student developers all around the globe. I got a chance to work on CiviCRM alongside it's developers from all around the world. CiviCRM is a web-based, open source constituency relationship management specifically designed for the needs of .. Continue Reading


Facebook PHP SDK 4.0 - Re-asking declined permissions

UPDATE: Facebook PHP SDK now uses getReRequestUrl() method of FacebookRedirectLoginHelper class to generate a URL to rerequest denied permissions from a user. public string getReRequestUrl(string $redirectUrl, array $scope = [], string $separator = '&') Read the documentation here. --- So I was testing Facebook Login integration on the website www.treasherlocked.com that I have been developing since a while. .. Continue Reading