Quick SVN guide for Git users; SVN: The Git Way

Why would a Git user want to switch to SVN, you ask? Well, sometimes you just don’t have a choice. Imagine working on a project that has been maintained in SVN since a decade. “But migrating an SVN codebase to Git is not a big deal at all.” But there is stuff like CI/CD integrations Continue Reading..


Topic Modelling using LDA with MALLET

Get started with Topic Modeling using LDA with MALLET. Learn how to use MALLET to automatically infer topics of a large collection of documents.


Tendencies-based collaborative filtering algorithm

As a part of my academic research project titled Impact of Recommender System, I got to study about various collaborative filtering algorithms. I was supposed to study, implement and compare them. Tendencies-based was the best among them in terms of accuracy and computational efficiency.1 It was proposed by Fidel Cacheda and his team of researchers from University Continue Reading..


Text search using Stochastic Diffusion Search

Stochastic Diffusion Search (SDS), a multi-agent population-based global search and optimization algorithm, is a distributed mode of computation utilizing interaction between simple agents. SDS shows off a strong mathematical framework. It is robust, has minimal convergence criteria and linear time complexity. SDS has been applied to diverse problems such as text search, object recognition, feature Continue Reading..


Social Media Integration into CiviCRM – CiviSocial

So my proposal for Google Summer of Code 2016 was accepted and I was one of the 1206 Google student developers all around the globe. I got a chance to work on CiviCRM alongside it’s developers from all around the world. CiviCRM is a web-based, open source constituency relationship management specifically designed for the needs of Continue Reading..


Facebook PHP SDK 4.0 – Re-asking declined permissions

On asking users for permissions after they have been denied, Facebook didn’t show Login Dialog. Instead, it kept on reporting the permissions were denied. So, I added a parameter that made Facebook to show the Login Dialog.